Saturday, January 9, 2016

Banzai Pipeline and Waimea

So on our final days on Oahu, we moved to the North Shore.  We had a small place in a part of the island that is very heavily into surfing.  Seemed like every inch of the area nearby us was small houses and apartments for rental to surfers.

Waves were extremely high, some at 30 feet.  TV news was saying it was worst they've seen in a long time.  Police cars were parked along the length of the beachfront, and red tape warned against going on the beach. Rogue waves?

We walked on a pathway between the highway and the ocean on our way to breakfast at a breakfast truck not far from our digs. . . .  A chicken joined us awhile.  It didn't cross the road OR the red tape either. . . .

 We didn't see anyone surfing that first day there, but did see those 30 foot high waves later that day, a bit farther west along the highway.  I didn't get photos of those humongeous ones, but did snap a few of the larger ones that came ashore across from where we had breakfast:
 Our breakfast was attended by the food-truck owner's "Vincent," named after Van Gough because of his damaged ear. . .
 Looking across the street from our breakfast truck's picnic area again. . . .
 Vincent was smart enough to avoid these two troublemakers:

Later in the day, we went to Turtle Bay resort's public beach, a bit farther to the east of our place:
 James spent a lot of time fishing while I just sat and did crosswords and Jessica and the boys played in the water and the sand.

Next day, in the morning we all went to Waimea Valley and Waimea Falls, again just down the road to the west of our place.
  The botanic gardens and the displays of Polynesian huts was phenomenal. . . .
 At the end of the trail we finally came to the falls:
 Should've brought our swimsuits.  There were a whole lot of folks swimming under the falls!
  We opted to take a tram-ride back to the trail's starting point.  The boys had wandered all over the place on the way up to the falls, and we just didn't have enough time for them to continue doing that on our way back, since we had to catch our plane home in just a few more hours.  While waiting for the tram, I caught these local birds on camera:
 We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare anyway, and the boys just "chilled" hanging around near the windows awhile. . . . 

We bade farewell. . . . 
Oh yeah, when we were at Pearl I also picked up a newfound appreciation for cutesy WWII-era pin-ups, many of which were on sale at the Gift Shop.   ;-)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Makapu'u Point

So we went swimming near the Disney Resort at the eastern end of Oahu on Friday.  A nice little man-made cove where there were no waves and it was shallow for the kids to splash around in. 

Then on Saturday we went out to lunch at Nico's, a seafood place on the docks near the commercial fishing fleet.  Had a good time.

Entertainment all day (not just at night):

Looking out of their place:
Teddy drank up:

Interesting  art on their roof:

After lunch, we headed back to our house.  Jess and the babies napped, while James went fishing and I went on a hike up Makapu'u Point. . . .

A Hawaiian woodpecker. . . .


It was another awesome day.