Thursday, December 29, 2016

On The Road Again

So on Wednesday morning we checked-out of the resort. . . .
(Cylindrical Stanley was all ready to go before any of the rest of us.)

. . . .and we headed down the road a piece to go to a Perkins Restaurant for breakfast and to say our goodbyes. . . .  Mikey, Meredith and the girls headed back to South Carolina, and I headed south to visit old friends.

I told Michael I liked his shirt:

I stopped along the way to Pompano Beach in Delray Beach and met my Boss, Karen, from my stint at DMV some years back.  Karen has been fully retired and enjoying life here in Florida for the past several years.  Many of my and her friends from the old job often come to visit her, especially at this time of year when New York is an "iceberg" compared to here. She's a wonderful person, one of the best bosses I've ever had.  We went to "Deck 84" an open-air restaurant right on the Intercoastal Waterway in downtown Delray Beach, as we did about 4 years ago when I was here last.  We chewed the fat and caught up on our news for about 2 and a half hours, over Margharitas and Cuba Libres. . . .
(Yes, I'm back to imbibing once again. . . .  but on a much more limited basis than I did before the ticker problems of last year.)

One of the Valet guys was nice enough to take our photo as we departed:

After our Lun-ner (combo Lunch and Dinner. . .  Hey if they can call a mid-morning meal Brunch, we decided to call our mid-afternoon meal Lunner) I continued on my merry way to see old friend Jane about 1/2 hour farther south off I-95.  Jane made a nice smaller meal for me and we, too, talked on-and-on about what's gone on over the past 4 years in our lives.

I checked-in at a nearby motel for the night at about 10pm, much later than I'd expected. Having phoned from Jane's place to make sure they saved my room for me was a good idea. Seems they had "reserved" the best room in the place for me!  At no extra charge.  Tho, in my judgement, the room looked just a little too "kitschy" for my tastes.  I was also welcomed by Jiminy Cricket.  I guess he got out and away from Donkey Island in DisneyWorld and had come to remind me to Always Let My Conscience Be My Guide. . . .

Okay, okay, so he's not really a cricket.  He's a Palmetto Bug, quite common even indoors hereabouts. And he's not very big compared to others I've seen. . . .  some two or even three times this guy's size. I didn't have the heart to evict him. He's still there in the bathtub.  I will see him to the door in the morning, when I want to let him know it's MY turn to use the shower.

I should be a Hindu. Who knows, I may come back some day as a Palmetto Bug myself!

I heard from Mikey a short time after I checked-in.  He and Meredith and the girls made it back home to South Carolina safe and sound.

So, in spite of Jiminy "crashing my party" I had a very good day re-connecting with some very good old friends!

To be continued. . . .

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Disney Springs

Spent Tuesday at Disney Springs, Disney World's newest section. Lots of stores and restaurants.

Started the day having breakfast at the resort.  Mikey toasted me on my choice, which included biscuits and gravy:

At Disney Springs later in the day I treated everyone to ice cream at an iconic San Francisco establishment that I was surprised to see had a "branch office" here:

Other things we did included resting our weary feet. . . .

 While watching the balloon rise:

Watch Buzz and Woody rocket to infinity and beyond. Musta taken a million LEGO pieces to build this bit of art:

And try on a few chapeaus at a local hattery:

Wednesday we hit the road. Mikey and Meredith for back home in South Carolina and I for points south, to visit some old friends in Jensen Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Pompano Beach. The tour will end for me on Friday when I drive back to Orlando to catch my flight back to The Best Coast!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Just Pottering Around in Orlando

So I'm here in Orlando Florida for a few days. Met Michael, his Meredith and the gals - Piper and Gabbi here on Saturday. Went to Universal Studios Theme Park on Sunday.  Took today "off."  Here's some photos of our adventures so far:

Mikey and I went to Dunkin' Donuts early Sunday morning.  He found other stuff to do besides sip coffee. . . .

Later same morning, we are getting ready to have breakfast back at the resort with the gals:

After which we went to Universal:

I "stole" the coffee cup from a friend. It has been named "Cylindrical Stanley" by me. I will photo it at various places I visit on this trip.

Nearing the entrance to Universal:

Charlie and Teddy would have enjoyed this. . . .

Who's the cat in THAT hat?

This one has a little car. This one has a little star. SAY! What a lot of fish there ARE!

Unless.  The Lorax in the Dr. Seuss area got all decked out for Christmas Day.

Entering the Harry Potter area:

My castle in Scotland:

A street-show:

 Cylindrical Stanley and I made it to LONDON.  Harry Potter's version of it, that is. . . .

Quite crowded. On Christmas Day. . . .

Across "The Pond" from "London" stood Krustyland, a part of The Simpsons. I just HAD to go on THAT ride. It was the highlight of my day.  Couldn't stop laughing. Even standing in the 50 minute long LINE to get on the ride. They entertained us waiting saps with "Best of The Simpsons" film clips while we waited. Best waiting line I have EVER been in.

 Fire breathing dragon in Harry Potter "land". . . .

It was a hot time in the old town.  Took today ("Boxing Day") off. Went to a timeshare sales presentation at the resort where we are staying and was able to stonewall and get out within just about an hour. Already owning ONE I know about the high-pressure sales pitch and was able to get out of it "gracefully" IMHO, by telling the salesguy that I have a certain medical condition that renders my butt useless after too much time sitting (and listening to circuitous explanations about options, points, blah, blah, blah). He was a nice enough fellow.  He understood my point of view and didn't push the matter TOO far.

To be continued (hopefully). . . .