Friday, September 26, 2014

Charlie is ONE

I just video-phoned Jess & Jamie & Teddy and CHARLIE.  It's CJ's first birthday and he's ready to par-tay tonight.  They're having about 30 friends over for cake. . . .  Jessica is making a carrot cake, from scratch. Wotta woman!

Annnnnd Charlie is walking! He walked all the way across the kitchen and into his Mom's arms so I could see him do it on the video-phone. Jess promised me she will take video of it and post it to Google or Facebook. I intend to "pirate" it and post it here soon's I can.

Teddy was in the little springy thingie chair on the floor as Charlie walked by him and was laughing his butt off, very amused by his brother walking all over the place.

Today's celebratee

And here he was about one year ago.

Just a few days ago, with the rest of his fam

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