Monday, November 3, 2014

Downtown Martinez Street Scenes and My New Neighborhood

Here's more pictures of what will soon be my new neck-of-the-woods.  

Joe Dimaggio's mom and dad moved out of Martinez to San Francisco with him and the rest of their family when he was only one year old, but he had cousins who remained in Martinez and ran the supermarket and bakery at this location - downtown at corner of Ferry Street and Main Street, which is now the site of the "Legal Grounds Cafe."

Martinez is the county seat, so also downtown - at corner of Main Street and Court Street - is the Finance Building to the left (old courthouse) and current Contra Costa County Courthouse to the right. Farther down Main Street is the County Administration Building and Detention Center, the tall building in the center of this pic:

A "McCheese-y building stands across the street from the courthouse. . . .

And no town with a courthouse would be complete if it didn't have an establishment like the one on the left in this pic, taken a few blocks from the courthouse:

My apartment is just south of town and immediately off the John Muir Parkway, California Route 4.

Muir Station shopping center, down the block from my place:

It's a nice shopping center, with 4 or 5 casual restaurants. . . .

And a supermarket. . . .

John Muir National Historic Site is only 1/4 mile down the parkway from me. . . .

Another view of Muir home, in upper right of this street scene at corner of Walnut Street and Alhambra Avenue:

The Martinez family adobe, on Muir NHS. . . .  Built in 1849, it was the first building on the farm that was granted to the Martinez family earlier by the Mexican government:

Here's a map of my area. . . .

There's a really neat mural on the Route 4 Muir Parkway underpass wall on Alhambra Avenue just south of Muir NHS:

Just north of John Muir NHS is Contra Costa Medical Center, on Alhambra Avenue near Berrellessa Street.  This is the north end of the hospital property. . . .

This is the main hospital building:

The old downtown Post Office, on Court Street isn't far from the courthouse:

An interesting looking storefront downtown. . . .

Another downtown scene:

Main Street farther west of the government buildings:

The downtown Farmers' Market:

A few blocks off Main Street is the city's Museum. . . .

The Art Deco style public library. . . .

 MY post office, on Alhambra Avenue just north of Muir NHS: 

 Ygnacio Martinez Plaza, on Alhambra Avenue not far from Alhambra High School:


 St. Catherine of Siena church, near downtown on Melius Street:

I think I'm gonna like it here.

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