Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday in South Carolina

We had dinner here in Columbia this afternoon, at California Dreaming - a nice restaurant located in what was once this city's Union Station - a place that I've been to several times over the years since Jamie and Jessica went to college here. . . .

Being lately a new California Martinez-ian, I had to have a Martini.  The "Swedish Fish" Martini looked interesting.  Pinnacle Gummy Vodka, white cranberry-strawberry juice and a splash of Grenadine.  Okay, okay, a Martini purist would scold me severely.  I stirred it with my fork, then tried to spear an actual Swedish Fish in it (thot there'd be one instead of an olive, dumb me) with no luck.

I had Shrimp San Francisco. Tasty. . . .
Gabi had it too, but Mikey had a salad, Meredith a chicken dish, and Piper a big juicy burger with fries.

Afterwards we went back to Mikey's to just digest it all and hang out.  I noticed some new stickers on Meredith's bumper, which I thought were meaningful and attention-getting:

On the way back into Michael's house he pointed out something I hadn't noticed before. . . .
A Carolina Wren has made a home right in the middle of the Elephant Ears hanging plant on the pergola.  Michael says that Carolina Wrens nest just about anywhere.

So tonight I'm going to sort thru more old photos from the shoe boxes of them that are here, and tomorrow Michael and I are taking Gabi and Piper to Carowinds.  I am tempted to try the coaster, but haven't decided for sure that I want to just yet.  They opened it only a week and a half ago.  They claim that at 325 feet it is the tallest in the world and that the top speed of 95mph is a close second to some other one somewhere.  Local news-gals took a ride on it last week and here's their report:


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