Sunday, December 13, 2015

Just some interesting pix from recent days - as we near Christmas 2015

Recent days have been just chock-full.

Charlie has found Jesus.  Baby Jesus, that is. . . .

He is also very much in awe of Santa Claus.  We rode the Christmas Train in Niles Canyon on evening of Tuesday, the 8th, and Charlie clutched his train ticket hollering over and over "MY train ticket, MY train ticket" as if he were holding onto the Golden Ticket that Charlie of "Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory" had won.  And when Santa arrived, the look on Charlie's face was priceless:

Both boys are very much into books.  We went to the downtown Alameda library a few days ago.

Then we stopped at South Shore Shopping Center to have lunch and stroll around a bit after the library:

 Went over to Berkeley for a first ever experience with snow.  A truckload of it, from up in the Sierras was dumped there early in the morning.  We got there early enough that it was still more like snow than slush (and later more like a rock-solid glacier).  The boys were befuddled.

Baba finally got everything ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. . . .

One late afternoon, as I was leaving Jamie and Jessica's I decided to take another photo of The Bay:

Jessica and I took the boys "sledding" at Heather Farms Park one day. . . .

Just the other morning, as I was getting on the elevator on my floor at my apartment, I discovered this bit of whimsy on the landing on my floor:

I went to the big city on Saturday, December 12th, for SantaCon with Lizzie and Ira's Historic Eating And Drinking Society. . . .

Lizzie had fun with mistletoe "fishing" for romantic passers-by.  I warned them they were on my "Kiss-Cam" and had better be good:

Up on the housetop, click, click, click. . . .

Some Sumo Santas passed by:

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