Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another Hike on the Miller Trail above Martinez

Jamie and Jessica, Charlie and Teddy, and Barbara and Elijah came out here to see me today and to hike the Miller Trail, up on the hillsides just west of town.  We did the entire trail (round-trip 3.4 miles) and then came back to my place for some Crock-Pot chili (Jess and Barbara had done all the slicing and dicing the other day; I just unfroze it overnight and then tossed it into the pot this morning before they got here. . . .  Thanks, ladies!)

So here we are, all set to strike out Fal-Da-Re, Fal-Da-Rah (Charlie was in the stroller at the time):
Not far along, Jamie and Elijah noticed some caves up in hill alongside the trail and went to investigate.  I told them there were posted signs that Mountain Lions are in the area, but they ignored me and climbed thru a wire fence to discover. . .
Pepe LePew. Dead. And thank God, not spreading his joie de vivre around.  Maybe a Mountain Lion got him as he amorously pursued an outsized infatuation?

Anyway, continuing onward and upward. . . .  Charlie took a hiking stick:

I got them to pose with Mt. Diablo way off in the background (and asked Jimbo "Which one of the those two peaks is Mt. Diablo? To which he replied "Both.")

We stopped along the way to watch a Union Pacific freight train go by down below. . .
Viewed the Strait. . . .

Found an interesting yellow tree.  James said it is an acacia tree.
Elijah climbed it:

And a while later, we made it to the end of the trail, a not-so-impressive parking lot. . .

and we reversed direction.  And James soon after that found a live critter. . .

I thought this photo would turn out nice.  In reality it was really really nice, but with the sun glare it just isn't as nice as the real thing was:
Kinda made up for that one with this one:

Got back to my place at 4pm and had that chili dinner (yum!) and Jimbo, Barbara and Elijah went for a swim in my hot tub and pool after which we had some frozen yogurt and fruit.  All-in-all, a very nice day!

Realized after this hike that there's yet a third hiking trail in the area, that runs up to the top of the hills.  I'm saving that one for another time, tho.

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