Saturday, January 24, 2015

As Johnnie Muir would sing. . . "You Take the High Road, and I'll Take the Low Road. . ."

Went on a hike with a group last week, of the George Miller Trail along Carquinez Strait to the west of downtown Martinez.  Then, this morning, decided to stroll along the Waterfront Park at the base of the GMT.  So I've seen the Carquinez Strait from both above and "at ground level" now.  Here's what it looks like, from above, first. . .

And what it looks like from ground level, at the Waterfront Park. . .

The ridge of hills in the above photo is where the Miller Trail runs.  Here's a bas-relief map showing those hills as well as the lower Waterfront Park, marked where it says "You Are Here."

It was a great walk today.  Weather is beautiful and the scenery spectacular.  At the end, I returned to the Martinez railroad station and viewed the 911 Memorial that is there, noting that a couple of spots of graffiti that had been there a week or two ago has now been cleaned.  Kudos to City of Martinez for prompt clean-up!

Finally took a pic of the old steam locomotive across from the station. . . .

This place has a lot of "character"!

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  1. There sure is beautiful scenery around there. I'm glad you're exploring it.