Monday, August 24, 2015

So this is what they call a City Park in California?

Took a stroll over in Newhall Park this morning. Was supposed to meet friends Reenie and Chuck from one of my MeetUp groups there, but there'd been a serious accident on the Freeway that had everything at a standstill, so by the time I got to the park I had to walk it solo. 

Newhall is a City of Concord park. A nice little area with some nice views, as detailed herein:

The path, just beyond the bocce-ball courts:

Just a nice view of the hills to the east of the park:

Same hills, in a close-up:

Mt. Diablo. . . .

Funny-shaped tree. . . .

Lots of houses surround the park, tho you can't see them very much behind the trees and bushes.

Haze covering the mountain. . . .

Aha. There it is!

Nice view just beyond someone's backyard!

Just a nice looking tree. I've become a bit of a tree-hugger (photographically speaking). . . .

One gnarly dude!

There is no escape from DIABLO:

At top of highest hill in the park is a Veterans' Memorial. Didn't climb the hill.  Maybe next time.

Path junction, just before a big field with pond to left and path back to bocce courts on right.

From near the park bench in the previous photo:

Nice little pond, with all the ducks in a row, so to speak.

Pair of ducks under the two trees in middle:

A beautiful white bird in the middleof the pond. . . .

Almost looks tropical.

The reedy side of the pond. . . .

Duck, Goose, or a bit of both? 

And back to the parking lot. . . .  on center right of photo.

Just a nice walk in the park!

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