Friday, April 21, 2017

Fast Times At San Simeon High

Went to a nice place on a hilltop a bit south of home recently.  The owner of these digs was a weeeee taddddd bit of a "conspicuous consuption-ite" I'd say.  I'm imagining what it'd have been like if the owner of this spread had won in his bid for political power, and parlayed it all the way to the White House as the historians who guided my friend and I thru this, his Castle, told us he'd planned to do.  Donald Trump eat your heart out!

We're here to party!

The outdoor pool is undergoing renovation. . . .    I didn't bring my trunks anyway.

Step lively!

EVERYONE needs a RA-The-Sun-God on their patio. . . .

The tapestries in the Main Hall were impressive:

As were the tapestries in the Main Dining Room:

Ceiling in the Dining Room:

The tapestry titled "The Hunt for the Stag" reminded me of several I saw that looked very very similar to it, only titled "The Hunt for the Unicorn" at The Cloisters in upper Manhattan.  I want to do some research and see if they are somehow related or at least by the same artist.  The tour guide was familiar with The Hunt for the Unicorn tapestries and said "Yes, they are similar, but I don't know if they are part of the same series of tapestries or even if they are by the same artist."

The indoor pool looked like it was in much better shape than the outdoor one. . . .

After seeing this all, I had only one parting word to say:

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