Friday, November 9, 2012

#$%^&*! and Tim-berrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Got outside and sawed down the evergreen out front this afternoon. 

Just as I was starting to saw, a Smithtown road crew that was picking up the branches and trunks left at the curb on earlier days shows up!  Great. . . .  These guys are here too soon.  They picked up a lot of the branches I'd left at the curb from the backyard tree, but didn't take the trunk pieces from it, nor any of the bagged branches or - of course - any of the 15 or so bags of leaves.

I asked one of the guys if they'd be back again sometime soon to pick up the pieces of the tree I was just starting to work on.  He said they'd probably be back, but he couldn't say exactly when. 

I wait 12 days for a utility crew to reconnect my power and only one day after that the Sanitation Department is here picking up the tree trunks and branches. . . .  this is so untypical for the Sanitation Department here.  Long Island Power Authority is slow (understandably); Town Of Smithtown is fast (faster than I would have thought). . . .  So I'll hafta stare at a lot of stuff piled at my curb for awhile, while all of my neighbors now have nice, clean, neat-looking curbsides.  Arrrrrgh!  Oh well, I should NOT complain. . . .  my two trees were nowhere near the size of the others in the neighborhood that came down.

And power - happily - was restored here yesterday at sometime before 1pm.  I've really got nothing to complain about at all now.  Life has returned to normal.  Yayyyyyyyyy!

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