Friday, November 23, 2012

On the Road Again. . . Tuesday, November 20th

I'm visiting Michael and his Meredith (and Gabi & Piper) for Thanksgiving, enroute to a few weeks' house-hunting expedition in Florida.  Left home on Tuesday, Nov. 20th at 5am.  (Neighbor Rocky gave me some good advice, telling me to leave extra-early to avoid the New York rush hour traffic!)

Here's where I was on Tuesday:

Stopped by Jamie and Jessica's old place in Middle River, Maryland that they have been renting out, now that they live in California.  I was going to check with his tenants there for him to see that everything there was okay, since there had been a problem with the furnace. . . .  but he later told me that it was just as well that I didn't do so.  Place looks same as always.  Last time I was here was about 5 or 6 years ago. . . .

Later on, at the rest stop in Virginia with the Tourist Welcome Center, I got a couple of cute girls to take my photo by telling them that since Virginia is for lovers and since I'm a Virgo, I just had to have them snap my photo here (actually, a lot of folks stopping at this rest stop had their pix taken here!). . . .

Reached my motel in North Richmond, VA at a little after 3pm.  This is where I had dinner, next-door.   Ohhhh, We Got TROUBLE, Right Here In . . . . 

Left the motel at 7am Wednesday. . . .  Continuing on to Michael's in Lexington, SC. . . .  See the next posting!

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