Monday, October 8, 2012

One More Small Home Improvement

Old Caloric cooktop went ker-flooey last Thursday.  I shopped for a new one the next day.  A Frigidaire cooktop (yes, they make them as well as 'fridges nowadays) was $799 at P.C.Richards appliance chain, but I found the exact same one - a returned one (salesman told me that the buyer, once package was opened, realized it was the wrong size for their kitchen) - at a local appliance store, Gringer's - for $399!

I can cook again. . . .

Took me a few hours to install it.  Didn't want to take any big risks working with the gas hookup.  Well worth the investment and time.

I meant to get outside today and prep the kitchen side side of the house to be painted, then thought it'd be nicer to have a cooktop again. . . .  sooner rather than later.  Looks like it's gonna rain, so don't know if I'll do the paint prepping now or tomorrow.

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