Monday, October 1, 2012

Car Show

We had a car show at the Fire Island lighthouse - where I volunteer - yesterday.  Wes Mudford, who usually is the volunteer at the Lens Building on Sunday mornings was one of the judges at the show, so I had to come in early and open the building at 10am.  I told Alex - our young fellla who is on staff and who helps out a lot - to let someone in charge know that I wanted to take some extra time - over and above my usual lunch hour - so that I could go over to the parking lot where the show was being held and look it over for myself.  He tells me, in effect, "Nobody's in charge here today. . . .  your usual Supervisor, Bette, is off out-of-town and Bob (Prez of Lighthouse Preservation Society) and Patti (Administrative Assistant) are already over at the Car Show at Field 4, helping out over there."  Well, everything's always kind of laid-back anyway, so I tell Alex. . . "Okay, but I'm going there for at least an hour, maybe two, later on!"  "Shouldn't be any problem," he says.

I only had a total of 34 visitors in the Fresnel Lens Building before noon. . . .  very low. 

 It was very cloudy in the morning, but by noon the weather cleared.

 My "duty station" - The Fresnel Lens Building

 Old Blinky, "the jewel of Fire Island"

 These guys showed up later, flying over the beach by the car show - I was imagining they'd been called out to shoot King Kong down off the lighthouse tower.

Shortly after noon another volunteer, Geoffrey, came over to the Lens Building and let me know that he was going to cover for me and that I could go to the car show until 2pm if I wanted.  I took him up on it, and went over to the show with Mike on a shuttle bus they'd set up to run between the lighthouse and the parking lot where the show was held.

The show was great.  Here's some photos from it. . . .

 Andrea, hawking the tee-shirts near our tent at the show

My fellow vol and buddy Dave and his '57 Chevy - reminds me a bit of the '55 Chevy that was my first car.

 Our fearless leader and Prez of the Lighthouse Preservation Society, Bob LaRosa, at our tent.

 All the vols got tee-shirts (see the stack of them in front of Bob LaRosa in previous photo).

 An "oldie but goodie" - '31 Ford Model A

 Reminiscent of sis-in-law Liz's '72 Olds Cutlass ragtop

Dave's main-squeeze Flo and her T-Bird.  She is President of the Thunderbird club.

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