Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

Hurricane Sandy is on the way.  She should arrive sometime late tonight.  Tomorrow will be Pajama Day all day, and probably until midday Tuesday as well.  I spent the day battening down the hatches and went across the street at neighbor Rocky's invitation to have dinner with him and Lizbeth this afternoon.

So I rearranged the deck chairs here on the Titanic.  (I mean I stowed the outdoor furniture in the shed and put away anything else that looked light enough to get flung by a 75mph wind gust.)

Before taking the precautions I took a few "Before" photos:

Do you see my future power source over the fence there?  . . . .On the news they're saying power could go out for 4 or 5 days.  Neighbors Suzanne and Pete brought home one of her dad's RVs.  Her dad owns Commack RVs & Trailers dealership up on Jericho Tpke.  Suz and Pete are great neighbors!

A close-up of the 'generating station.'  Suz will toss an extension cord over the fence when the power goes out and will plug me in to the generator on the RV.  Enough electricity to at least keep a few lights on and keep the 'fridge running.  She is likewise supplying power to neighbors Nicole and Mike on her other side!

Decided not to rake today.  There'll be plenty more leaves on ground after Sandy whistles thru.

I've always especially hated the leaf raking on this side of the house.  There's a lot more obstacles.

 And it always seems like there are fewer leaves on this side of the house than on the other.  Can't figure out just why.

 The sunroom.  Here's hoping one of the oak trees in the backyard of the neighbor behind me doesn't come crashing into it.  I've feared it for a very long time.

To the right of the sunroom (I'm moving the camera clockwise around the yard, while I stand in the center of the yard.)

 A little farther to the right, looking uphill (eastward) towards neighbor Teresa and Chris's big white PVC fence that towers above my wooden palisade fence.

 A bit more to the right, looking toward the southeast corner of the backyard.  There's a lot of gardening stuff stored outside the shed, under the lean-to, besides in the shed. The shed is another thing that could take a hit from one of back side neighbor Charley's oak trees if they come down in a storm.

Looking straight back, towards the south.  You can't see the height - in this photo - of the oak trees that're over the fence, but believe me they are at least 60 feet tall.

A bit more to the right, the southwest corner.  That's Suz and Pete's garage over the fence.

 10 o'clock on the dial, looking towards the northwest corner.  The Japanese Maple isn't in full red just yet. Next weekend when Beth & Greg are here it should be bright red all over, ready for them to do their annual pose in front of it wearing their red silk Red Sox jackets once again.

Here's hoping that the "After" photos I intend to post look about the same - with only a lot more leaves on the ground, and not a lot of tree limbs and tree trunks in them. 

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