Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Front is Done. . .

. . .but now I realize that I have to paint the side of the house on the kitchen side.  I did the garage side and it looks great, but the kitchen side looks dumpy by comparison and the old color there doesn't match the new (the new is a bit darker gray than the original).

 Garage side, looking from front to back

 Kitchen side, looking from back to front.  (I stood between the deck and the backyard fence to take this photo.)

Got some trim-work to do yet, too. . .  the sill on the front door and some other areas have to be painted white yet.  The front door itself needs a new coat of maroon paint, too.  I'll do all that and the kitchen side side on Wednesday, the next day it'll be somewhat warm (they're predicting 67 degrees) and dry (it just started raining right now and they're predicting rain every day between today and Wednesday).

Here's the finished front, garage half.  Couldn't find the flagpole bracket.  It belongs at the edge of the living room between the shutter and the garage door.  It'll turn up somewhere eventually and I'll take care of it when it does.  That's a new motion-sensor lamp that I bought and installed over the garage door, too.

Kitchen side.  The shutters and lamp (and numbers) are brand new.

The whole nine yards. . . .   The neighbors are all agog. . . .  I got three compliments this afternoon.

And as a reminder. . . .  This is what it looked like before, back when I started two weeks ago.  From a distance you can't tell so much, but there was a lot of chipping, peeling, blistering paint.  The gray color was much lighter than what's on it now.

Okay.  So now I'm going to take a well-deserved siesta. . . .

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