Saturday, December 22, 2012

Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine

I arrived in St. Augustine yesterday afternoon - driving up here from Jensen Beach and stopping along the way to have lunch with Uncle Paul in Melbourne Beach.  Had to go see the Spanish fort here first thing.  This morning I'll be heading out to see the St. Augustine lighthouse and then will hit the road again for Mikey's in South Carolina.  Google Maps says Lexington, SC, is 4 hours and 42 minutes from here; so I should be there for dinner.

Anyway, here's the photos from the fort. . .

The main gate:

Main gate and cannons above it:

The courtyard:

Burgundy Flag of Spain (in use from early 1500s until late 1700s, according to the placard at base of flagpole):

The cross on the flag represents the cross that St. Andrew was crucified on, timbers that only had their branches lopped off of instead of trimmed and milled to a flat board.  The flag of Ferdinand and Isabella preceded it and the flag of modern-day Spain followed it:

Heavier cannons at the top:

One of the corner towers:

The courtyard, seen from above:

Saturday's destination - the St. Augustine lighthouse. . .

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