Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So I've been here in Florida for a bit more than a week now. Last week was windy and a bit cool for this time of the year, the "locals" told me. But yesterday, today and the coming week are looking pretty good.
Have been out hitting golf balls at the range, swimming, working out at the local YMCA, unwinding and just chillin' on the balcony, hanging out and chatting with some of the locals in downtown Stuart (Saturday night was great - had a beer at The Pelican Cafe, a little shack alongside the river downtown, while listening to a live acoustic guitarist sing some Jimmy Buffet stuff). . . and visiting friends (Maureen and Winston and longtime friend Jane) and generally having a lot more fun here than I think I'd be having if I were back home now. All four of us are going on a picnic and doing some horseback riding on the beach for awhile this coming Friday afternoon, up a bit north of here at a county beach. I've never been on a horse - tho Jane, Maureen and Winston all have - so this'll be something new for me. The owner has told me to not worry, that he only allows the horses to _walk_, even when experienced riders are on them.
I go across the street to another bakery/cafe/deli for breakfast and read the newspaper there every morning before I take my morning walk - about a mile and a half round-trip to the Jensen Beach causeway - along with a lot of other folks on the nice wide sidewalk on A1A. Life is good!
In the cafe yesterday morning I was reading the comics (part of my usual morning routine) and came across this one, which doesn't appear in Newsday back home:

If the guy really thinks he's going to the Commack Multiplex, he's in for a big surprise. It is standing empty, awaiting the wrecking ball. Lowe's bought the building and property last year with plans to put one of their stores there, as we current Commack-ians know. Mays Department stores, too, is waaaaaaaay gone. But the comic reminded me that I took Sunday morning "driving lessons" from my Dad in the parking lot of the Mays in Massapequa Park, which is now a Kohl's. Nearly wrecked the car one of those mornings, but that's _another_ story. Just can't escape my past!

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