Thursday, December 6, 2012

Surprise Visit

Got a surprise yesterday.  Liz and Rick are in Fort Lauderdale for the weekend and Liz phoned me to let me know.  Just as Jane and I were walking into the movie matinee for "Lincoln."  I really should have skipped the movie and gone over to Liz and Rick's condo - The Grand Pelican, a really nice place.  It would have been more enjoyable for all of us. . . .  but I just wasn't thinking straight, having been wanting to see the movie now for well over a month.

The movie was good; very well done with a lot of well-known actors, and pretty much historically accurate.

Jane and I got over to the Grand Pelican by 6:30, after the movie.  Quite the place.  Liz and Rick are on the top floor with absolutely stunning view of the ocean out their balcony and of the city from out in front of their door on the other side (of course).  Too bad I didn't have my camera with me. 

We all went to an Irish bar for dinner - Rick had steak, Liz had fish, Jane had barbeque ribs and I had shepherd's pie.  The place was noisy and rowdy (what else would you expect at an Irish bar?), but the food was very good, in my opinion. 

Anyways. I just remembered that I never posted any photos of Michael, Meredith and Gabi and Piper  back when I was in South Carolina.  So here's one of them when we went to breakfast at the Creekside Cafe on Thanksgiving weekend:

Now back to the present time.  I took some photos of the place where I'm staying today.  I'm on the 2nd floor, between the trees:

The ocean is on the other side of the building that's opposite mine and the parking lot:

And finally, on my way to the library and the YMCA gym in Stuart this afternoon I decided to drive thru Kingswood condos, where there's a good chance I'll be living sometime by mid-2013 if all goes as I'd like it to.  I'll take some photos of the development and post them sometime within the next couple of weeks, I'm sure.  (There _is_ one of Aunt Helen and Uncle Alfred out in front of their place in Kingswood in the postings from my September trip here, if you want to backtrack a bit.)  But what impressed me the most when I drove thru there today was these two denizens, strutting thru the parking lot around the corner from Helen and Alfred's:
Thanksgiving survivors!

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