Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 East Coast "Tour" - Part 3 - A Dull Day. . . . Except. . . .

Didn't do much here today.  Mikey went to work.  I took him there and picked him up after work, at 4pm (he had an after-school teacher faculty meeting).

After I dropped him off I went thru some of the stuff that's "in storage" here from the old house back in New York and found that most of it - if not nearly all of it - is pretty much only of sentimental value to me.  Boxes of photos, some knick-knacks and other "kitschy" stuff. . . .
The pile of shoes belongs to him.  Seems like most of them are hiking shoes or shoes he'd wear while fly-fishing.

Spent some time in the afternoon at Michael's gym, a very nice place run in a partnership between the city and a local civic group.  I got a good two-hour workout on the treadmill, stationary bike and some of the weight equipment.  Think I will go back a few more times this week, while Mikey is at work again.
Finally, at 4pm, I went back to Michael's school to pick him up, go grocery shopping with him and come back home to his place. There was a really, really bad accident on the Interstate that tied us up for close to two hours, tho.
I even had plenty of time to get out of the car, and go to the trunk and take out a bag of taco chips to munch on while we waited in dead-standstill traffic. When traffic finally started moving we saw what was left of the two vehicles that'd been in the accident and it did NOT look good.  One of them was a complete rollover and we couldn't even tell what KIND of vehicle it was. . .  a car, a minivan, an SUV or even a pickup truck. I snapped a photo as we went by, but I'm not posting it here.  It was more than likely fatal for at least one of the drivers and/or passengers.

So that's all for today in South Carolina.  Tomorrow I might go to the Art Museum and/or The State Museum downtown.

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