Friday, August 26, 2016

Any Visit to The Deep South Should Include THIS. . . .

. . . . A visit to a peanut store!

Went to the renown Columbia South Carolina establishment, Cromer's, after my morning gym workout. To pick up some souvenirs. No visit to Columbia, South Carolina is ever complete without a stop at Cromer's.

Then I returned to Tranquility Base. . . .  Took this pic of Mikey's backyard from an upstairs window.

Mikey and I are going to drive out to Myrtle Beach for the weekend, and maybe do some saltwater fishing. It'll be a good father-son "bonding experience" before I have to leave for New York early Monday morning.

Maybe I'll add some photos of Myrtle Beach to this later today or tomorrow.  This posting definitely won't be anywhere as long as yesterday's tho, I promise.

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