Wednesday, August 31, 2016

From South Carolina to New York, on Monday 8/29/16

So I toodled off to Charlotte Airport, NC, from son Michael's in Columbia, SC on Monday morning. 

I had to drive 82 miles to get there, mostly on Interstate 26. . . .  Near the end of the trip I got in a traffic jam and started to worry I might not make the plane in time. Tho I thought I'd be cutting it close, I really had nothing to worry about:

So I had plenty of time to walk around the airport and take a few photos of some interesting stuff. Old Billy is still alive and kicking, they say. . . . and approaching 100.  God is good to his Preachers.

Took some photos from the plane.  I think this is the best one of them all.  Robert Moses State Beach (with the orange brick water tower) and the Fire Island Lighthouse along side of it at Fire Island National Seashore. I had volunteered as a docent at F.I. Lighthouse in 2012 to 2013 and I'm planning to pay the folks there a visit this Wednesday. . . .  The water tower is circled in RED by me, and the lighthouse (blinking at me - THAT is a well-timed photo!) is in the oval in ORANGE.

How lucky a shot can you get?  Well, actually, my luck was only BEGINNING. . . .  You'll see why I say that in just a bit. 

I got out on the curb at JFK, and admired the old 1960s era TWA terminal across the street, still "lying fallow." A really cool bit of architecture, designed by one Eero Saarinen.  In it's heyday it was THE airport terminal to beat them all.  I recall taking son Mikey there when he went on his exchange student trip to Spain.  I think it was spiffed up a bit and used for parts of the movie "Catch Me If You Can" too.  I read in the newspaper just a few weeks ago that plans are now being made to convert it into a hotel.

 So anyways. . . .  About my luck that day:  I got to the car-rental place and told them I had reserved a Toyota Yaris. . . .  a car that seems to be even smaller than a Volkswagon (only because on my budget I couldn't afford anything much bigger at the notoriously high NEW YORK PRICES).  The guy at the counter tells me "We're out of Yaris's, but we will upgrade you to a Camry."  Ooooooh-KAY!

I get in the Camry, turn the key and the CHECK ENGINE light comes on.  So NOW they upgrade me AGAIN. . . .  to an SUV!  Sheesh! Golly! and Hokey Smokes!
Here's my ultimate ride:

So I rode out to my hotel in the suburbs. . .  Bethpage. . .  Just about the only unlucky part of the day.  I'd hit Rush Hour, and the traffic was at a crawl.  Got to the hotel about 6:30, checked in and asked "Where's your pool and your workout room?"  The answer was "Sorry we have neither. There are NO Extended Stay America hotels that have them."  

"Okay", I say. . . .  "Do you know any nearby gyms that have daily rates?"

"I'll phone Planet Fitness for you right now and find out if they do."

He calls them and finds out they have a special going on for the next few days: $5.00 for the first month with no "initiation fees."  Cool!  I'll go there first thing in the morning and sign-up, and workout and use it till I leave back for California next week.  Such a DEAL!

Of course, I will cancel the membership day before I leave.  I asked Ian - the fella at the desk at the gym on Tuesday morning if I could do so, and he said "Sure. There won't be any more charges if you notify us of your cancellation before September 7th.


I'm feeling VERY welcomed at the gym. . . .  

To be continued. . . .

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