Friday, August 24, 2012

Chincoteague, Friday August 24th

I'm at the library in town as I write, at 2:15pm.  It's a cute little old white wooden building in the middle of town, with a 3-year-old addition on the back that really is nice. Outside it is surrounded by park benches, picnic tables and a big open-walled roofed pavillion with more picnic tables.  Even when the libary is closed lots of folks sit outside it and take advantage of the wireless access that is continuously on in the area surrounding it.

We went out for ice cream at a local shop at noon.  Wills and Emily especially enjoyed it. Then we walked thru town and I stopped off here to check my email and post this blog.  They're all still wandering around town. . . .  and I told them to go on ahead back to the cottage without me if I didn't finish in here before they got tired.

I made breakfast for the gang this morning.  Just pancakes and bacon.  But everyone seemed to appreciate it. 

We are all in the midst of Jamie and Jessica's 'project'.  They have us all - in our 'spare time' - hand-addressing envelopes that they are sending out to prospective adoption sources all over the country.  They have a total of 3,000 addresses to do, and it looks like we will get 1,000 of them done while here.  A labor-intensive job, but everyone's helping out.

Last night, Dave went out and got a bushel of steamed crabs.  We all sat around the picnic table on the screened-porch and bashed and clawed away at them.  I had to rinse some of the Old Bay off some of mine (my delicate tumtums, you know), but the beer helped wash down and quell some of the spices, too.

Tonight we had pizza and beer.  I did the beer-run and while I was out drove over to the fairgrounds to snap a photo of the ponies being held there from the July roundup.  Denny, at the lighthouse on Tuesday, had told me to take a ride to the fairgrounds to see them - they are being held there until they get bigger.  There was a few pregnant mamas among the colts, too.  All of them swam across the channel during the roundup, but I'm not sure if they were among the ones sold at the auction or they were considered too fragile to be sold and will ultimately be returned to Assateague Island once they are in condition to be taken back there again.  I'd think that the second of these is the more likely scenarios.

Here's the photos from our trip to the ice cream shop and last night's (Thursday's) "Crab-fest" and today's events:

Andy takes Wills for a spin at the ice cream shop.

Grammy keeps watch over Emily.

Interesting architecture on Main St.


Jenn and Wills work on their ice cream.

Andy, Jenn, Jess, Dean & Wills "clawing away."

Jimbo's old pal, the renown Ranger Brian Gomes and Dave at the "Crabfest"

Workin' on it.

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