Friday, August 31, 2012

More Projects

I've been busy.  I think I'll be posting to the blog only once a week or so unless something big happens.

On Monday James and Jessica had 'brunch' here with me and Dave and Karen Bernstein and their kids Marty & Claire.  Claire is so cute!  Marty likes to screech. . . .  just a passing phase in his young life, I'm sure.  Karen brought a great breakfast and we ate on the deck.  Eggs and bacon, French toast with shredded coconut, granola squares, and fruit salad all homemade.  My mouth is still watering just from the thought of all that great food.

David volunteered to do a few of Jamie and Jessica's adoption letters.  J&J are writing to 3,000 women's health care providers nationwide in an effort to find a "donor mom."  I gave David 49 to do. . . .  I know he's busy with his work, and I'm grateful that he volunteered at all.  He made short work of them.

J&J left for LaGuardia around 11ish after the brunch.  I took the 1,000 letters that had been completed by the Mann-Fox-Frank conglomerate (during the trip to Chincoteague last week) to the Post Office here at 1pm that day.  The postal clerk was nice enough to pose for a snapshot:

Went to Liz's on Tuesday with Ruthie.  We celebrated Ruth's actual birthday and divvyed up the remaining 476 J&J letters that were alloted to us.  Between Tuesday and today Liz and Ruth banged out 275 and I did 201. 

Liz is mailing the 275 out tomorrow and I sent the 201 out from the P.O. here this morning, after which I took the Prius to the car wash. 

When I got home, I decided I'd better start a repainting-the-wrought-iron-railings project.  I could have started it in late September, but I plan to paint the front of the house then and figure why not get at least the railings done now.  The old paint on the railings at the side-entrance to the house was really scaly and flaky, so I spent a lot of time chipping away at it.  The front stoop railings weren't at all scaly, but they looked really bad because a coat of earlier, white paint is showing thru the worn-away layer of black paint on top. . . .  so no need to chip or scour there.  I was able to paint just one side of the front railings before 6:30, which I planned as my knock-off time for today.  I'll paint the other side of it tomorrow morning along with the entire side-entrance railing.

Here's what they look like at present:

The paint chips were flying off the steel wool wheel as I did this.  Needless to say, I did wear a mask.

One of these things is not like the other.  Can you tell which side is the finished one and which side is on tomorrow's agenda?
One more item to paint is the lamppost in the backyard by the deck.  I just remembered that.  Hopefully, I'll get the railings and the lamppost done before midafternoon tomorrow.
The fun of homeownership never ends!

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