Saturday, August 18, 2012

Milford Oyster Festival

Had a great time at the New Milford, Connecticut Oyster Festival today with Beth and Greg and Greg's sister Erin and her Michael and their kids Brian and Lauren.  The event was huge. . . . easily 500 vendors there, selling everything of all kinds.  The crafts area especially interested Beth.  Jewelry, paintings, carvings, you-name-it.

I was the only one to actually have any oysters.  Not many of the food vendors had them, tho.  And they didn't come cheap!  After last week's first taste of oysters for me in a long time (at Liz's birthday party) I thought I just had to try them again - especially since I'm at an Oyster Festival this week.  I could enjoy a regular diet of them now. . . .  Who says I don't have good taste?

The BoSox Fans

Beer, as opposed to. . .

. . .Wine

. . .to infinity and beyond

Ever feel like you have a gun at your back? Outside Milford Public Library.

Brian almost sank him!


Beth reacts to my offer of an oyster.


Greg seems a bit tuckered-out.


Butterfly bush enroute to the parking lot. (Taken by Greg. . . or was it Beth?)

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