Monday, August 13, 2012

Liz's Birthday

Ruth and I drove over to Liz and Rick's yesterday for Liz's birthday.  Rick took us, and Aimee and Bear & Michelle and Greg to a buffet dinner at "The Manor" in West Orange.  Some spread!

After dinner, all of us except Michelle and Greg went back to Aimee & Bear's condo to have cake and to watch Liz open her presents.  It was a great day.  (Not counting the traffic Ruthie and I had to negotiate getting across the George Washington Bridge on the way home, but so what else is new?)

I actually tried the oysters. Never cared for them in my youth, but now I can't understand why not.

Ruthie, flanked by Bear (the illustrious Anthony Restifo) & his wife of 3-months-&-counting, Aimee.

Here's to the birthday girl!

A beefy looking fella.

Back at Aimee's. . . .  Liz & Aims, having opened my present to Liz.

Having gotten lit. . .

. . .and delivered. . .

. . . .the birthday girl is all smiles. . .  and. . .

. . . .she nails it, scoring a perfect 10!