Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leaving Chincoteague, Saturday 8-25-12

I hit the road from Chincoteague at about 9:30 this morning.  Jamie and Jessica will leave for here tomorrow morning.  The Manns and Foxes will be staying on at the cottage thru tomorrow. . . .  among today's events, I'm told, will be a guided pontoon boat ride thru the bay to see the wildlife (and hopefully some of the ponies on the island).

I got to Liz's in Bergenfield at 5pm and had dinner with her and Rick.  Picked up some supplies for tomorrow's events and continued on my way.  Got home here at a little after 9pm.

Here's some remaining photos from the trip:

Pregos and babies at the fairgrounds.


Interesting boat parked on Main St.

Around the corner from the cottage. . . .  One of the last things I saw this morning on my way out of Chincoteague and on my way back home to COMMACK.  Just thought it was kind of neat.

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