Monday, August 13, 2012

The Deck is DONE. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Here's some photos from this morning, after I finished painting the benchtops and flowerbox sills.  Have now finished the entire project.  Will move on to some other project soon. . . .  Maybe I'll paint the wrought-iron railings next, but don't know if I'll do that right away or sometime a few weeks from now.
Just for sake of comparison, this is the box & bench near side of house BEFORE again.

. . .and this is same
box & bench by side of house AFTER (today, M8/13/12)

a wider-angle shot of same, including flowerbox near sunroom

looking across backyard from center of deck

looking from side of house, towards the flowerbox - in upper right corner - that was the cause of me starting this project

that one flowerbox. . . .  the cause of all of this

from the middle of the backyard

looking down length of longest bench, towards that onetime rotted-out, but now fully rebuilt and replaced, flowerbox

looking down the length of the second-longest bench, towards the flowerbox that was fully replaced

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