Friday, August 17, 2012

Crossing the Sound to Beth and Greg's

Took the Port Jefferson to Bridgeport ferry this afternoon.  I'm visiting Beth and Greg this evening and tomorrow.  We will go to an oyster festival in Milford with Greg's sister's family tomorrow.

The ferry trip here was good.  I got to the ferry terminal in Pt. Jeff a bit early and they asked me if I wanted to get on the 2pm crossing instead of waiting for the 3pm, so I took them up on it.  Regretted it when I got the car on board the boat and they 'shoehorned' the car in, in an unusual position and very close to another car (see the photo).  When we got to Bridgeport and the driver of that other car started backing up instead of moving forward I had to lay on the horn and holler.  Got his attention with only an inch to spare!  I actually got out of my car to make sure he hadn't made contact. The car is a year and a half old and I still want to keep it 'un-dinged' for as long as I can.

Too close for comfort

Leaving Port Jeff

Topside on the ferry

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